Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

Intensive Workshops: 2018

The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.

Oscar Wilde (poet and playwright)

JANICE DUNN ONE MORE TIME (acting for musical theatre)
“The truth is I love musical theater and always have” – Idina Menzel

This workshop course offers participants the chance to develop their 'acting for musical theatre' skills.

If you've performed in many musicals and want to sharpen your acting offers, or have never been in one but always wanted to try, this is the course for you. It will be fun, snappy and full of useful tips for performing. We will take 2 or 3 separate scenes with songs, from different musicals, and explore them. Some of the areas covered include acting through song, movement work, character development within musicals, ensemble skills and challenges, chorus work, and breaking through that pesky fourth wall!

You don't have to be a skilled singer or dancer to participate; most of the work will be as a group. There is, however, the opportunity for some solo work for those that are interested. The emphasis will firmly be on laughter, activity, and working as a group. The workshop is suitable for a wide range of ages, younger participants are welcome.

About the tutor: Janice Dunn has a wide range of experience directing and choreographing musicals throughout Europe, with a wide range of theatres. She works with professional performers, drama students, and sometimes groups of young people. She has also worked a lot with actor/musicians; as well as with straight actors appearing in musicals.

What I love about the theatre is that it's always metaphorical. It's like going back to being a kid again, and we're all pretending in a room. Sometimes, the pretending really works." – Mark Haddon

Using Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas' classic play for voices, this workshop will aid and encourage actors to transform empty spaces into a whole range of imaginative worlds using the simplest of objects. We will discover and invent ways of putting Thomas' text on stage and complementing his poetic language. We will transform an empty space using physical theatre, concrete mime, stick theatre and Laban performance efforts. Voice and ensemble performance techniques will be central to our invention.
This is a kind of 'poor theatre' that is rich with human invention. The joy of performance will be central to our discovery. We the Artists will be the total resource. The question 'What if' will be our starting point to create an entire world and a fully recognisable community.

About the tutor: Phil Clark has over 40 years’ experience as a professional theatre director and writer yet has lost none of his freshness and enthusiasm. He has covered a broad spectrum of work in educational theatre, young people’s theatre, community theatre, and subsidised and commercial theatre. He is also a skilled and inspiring teacher.