Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

Project 3

Inevitably, a dramatist writes one play, his director interprets another, the actors perform a third and the public sees a fourth and an altogether different one.

John Harvey (Author)

Project 3 is offered as part of the Munsbach model.

This project invited applications from any participant who would like to direct a small group of actor/collaborators in a piece of work that is allocated approx 4 hours during the week.┬áStudents coming to summer school for the first time should note that in PROJECT 3, ┬átutors liaise with the directors prior to the beginning of the course and mentor the project once it began. It was intended to be a piece of collaborative work between the participants, helped and encouraged by the tutors but not taught by them.Students didn’t necessarily need to have had any previous directing experience to become a project director, but if they lacked previous directing or workshop leading experience, and were considering putting themselves forward in this capacity, it was highly recommended that they sign up for the directing SKILLS course in the SKILLS projects.

The choice of material was entirely in the hands of each director, but if anyone required help in selecting a play to work on, they could contact the Course Director who would mail some suggestions. The material worked on could be from a published play, new writing or any alternative creative dramatic/theatrical activity. Typically just a few pages of text would be needed to work on and potential directors would try to find a couple of scenes for between 3 and 6 people. In the overall ethos of the school’s approach, the work is encouraged to be about ‘process’ rather than ‘product’.

In 2018, project 3 will follow a different path, one of creative collaboration involving the entire student body.

For further information, please contact the Course Director.