Steve Jarand Digital Masks

What if you could change your appearance to almost any character? Take on, drop or change disguises in less than a second? Switch from subtle shifts in appearance to total distortion? Choose between full transformation or letting your own essence show through?

These days this is all possible with Snap Camera software and Zoom.

We will use the most powerful and effective free digital character filters on offer. The work will not be about speed, amount or quirkiness of the virtual costumes but the genuine effect they have on players and viewers. Scenes will be improvised and scenarios crafted that give depth and colour not just to the character, but also the relationships and situations they find themselves in.

Come join us for some honestly-wild improvisation and let your alter-egos loose.

Participants will need to download and practice with a mask filter application. Successful applicants will be sent full details sufficiently in advance of the workshop.

Times: Sat 31 Jul 15:30-18:30
Total duration: 3.0 hours
Price: €30