Steve Jarand Masks close up

With online improv and mask play, we have a unique opportunity for a new kind of storytelling.

The camera can grant access into what's truthfully going on inside us as human beings. On one side of the screen, those watching from the comfort of home have the time and space to really see what is going on in the character and project parts of themselves into the story. On the other side, the isolation and anonymity along with the mask itself can evoke a great sense of intimacy and honesty for the masked player as well as the characters or storytellers playing with them.

Feeling invisible can help us to be seen.

We'll use face/body transformation and mask elements as stimulus to recount internal stories waiting to be told. We'll use video call and theatrical tools together in order to reveal at great distances what happens in close-up.

Participants will need some additional items of clothing, etc. on hand. Successful applicants will be sent full details sufficiently in advance of the workshop.

Times: Sat 31 Jul 15:30-18:30
Total duration: 3.00 hours
Price: €30