Will Evans Shedding Light on Design (Lighting Design)

A whistle stop journey into the process of lighting a show:  Using as example the show 66 Books, produced in 2016 at The Bush Theatre, participants will be taken through the process of lighting a show from initial design, through concept research, technical research, site visits, production meetings, technical rehearsals to dress rehearsal and opening night. We will look at the finished product and examine the end results and learn how they came about.

De-mystifying lighting:  We will then look at the most common lighting equipment, how to use it and deconstruct the associated jargon. 4 main areas will be examined:

This will be a more ‘mixed’ session with a combination of power point, short videos and demonstration of control and design software to simulate a theatrical environment.

Times: Sun 25 Jul 09:30-11:00
Sun 25 Jul 11:30-13:00
Sun 25 Jul 19:00-21:00
Total duration: 5.00 hours
Price: €50