Will Evans A Little Light Work (Practical Lighting)

It is planned to have a live link to a space in Luxembourg where each group can put into practice lighting a ‘scene’. Homework will be set the week before to research and develop ideas based on a single theme to construct one lighting state. Participants will share their research and ideas with me and after a short discussion about how to best achieve their ideas, put into practice what they have learnt in the previous week with the help of an on-site technician to rig/focus/control the lights. No more than 4-5 lights should be used and the set should be very basic, like a park bench. Students will take it in turns (either on site if possible or via the video link) to implement their design and try it out, while the others observe the effect of the light.

Should participants not able to be present at the space where the lighting rig is set up, or should such a space not be available, we could work in a virtual environment. We would discuss the participants’ research and look at their ideas for the subject matter and then set up a ‘rig’ in a virtual environment to examine the results. 

Times: Sat 31 Jul 09:30-11:00
Sat 31 Jul 11:30-13:00
Sun 01 Aug 09:30-11:00
Sun 01 Aug 11:30-13:00
Total duration: 6.00 hours
Price: €60