Jonathan Dawes Better Read Than Said (Voice for poetry)

We are such stuff as Dreams are made on    Shakespeare

To voice great poetry is to be in communion with the essence of the human experience. One can miss the full meaning and expression of poetry when it is read silently in the privacy of one’s room.  What is it like to voice the great works of poets, past and present? Can we use poetry to build bridges within our families, community, the world at large?

This series of evening workshops will explore voicing poetry. In each session we will voice poetry from classical to contemporary, from song lyrics to haiku. You are encouraged to submit in advance a favourite poem to voice. We will practice various vocal exercises that will help inform and enhance your voicing of the poem. The focus is on your voicing of a poet’s words and images and not an intellectual examination or analysis. We will examine and analyse only so far as needed to voice!

Times: Mon 26 Jul 19:00-21:00
Tue 27 Jul 19:00-21:00
Wed 28 Jul 19:00-21:00
Thu 29 Jul 19:00-21:00
Fri 30 Jul 19:00-21:00
Total duration: 10.00 hours
Price: €100