Janice Dunn Welcome to My World (Storytelling)

As a group we will examine the art of theatrical storytelling, and the pieces of the jigsaw that need to be in place, to make it work well.

We will start with the text of ‘The Woman in Black’ as an example of a great piece of theatrical storytelling. Using this, (and other works), as a guide, we will over two days, create our own story (or stories). We may create short, detailed, elegant scenes, or huge, splashy epics. That will be dictated by the group itself.

We will of course utilise story structure analysis, story generating exercises, genre influence, and co-operative creativity methods. The art of storytelling is fun and fascinating, and I envisage a relaxed and happy vibe to the workshop.

This is not as such a devising course, but looks to the specific skills of storytelling and story development, rather than ensemble theatre approaches. As such it is suitable for those who see themselves as writers, or directors, or actors. (Or any combination thereof.)

There will be full group work, and smaller group work, used to make the stories. The course will be suitable for participants at any level of experience, and those with lots of experience and ideas are especially welcome.

Times: Sat 24 Jul 14:00-15:30
Sat 24 Jul 16:00-17:30
Sat 24 Jul 19:00-21:00
Sun 25 Jul 14:00-15:30
Sun 25 Jul 16:00-17:30
Sat 24 Jul 09:30-11:00*
Sat 24 Jul 11:30-13:00*
Sun 25 Jul 09:30-11:00*
Sun 25 Jul 11:30-13:00*
Mon 26 Jul 19:00-21:00*
Tue 27 Jul 19:00-21:00*
Wed 28 Jul 19:00-21:00*
Total duration: 20 hours
Price: €80

*Collaboration Sessions