Janice Dunn Don't Say Cheese (Screen Acting)

This course offers one on one work, on camera presentation and technique, on a text of your choice. It requires you to bring a text from a film or TV or a series. (Janice can gladly offer suggestions if people are stuck. It is also possible to choose a dialogue, if there are two of you.)

We will examine the technical requirements of acting for screen, and how to utilise them in a positive way. We will also look at the choices on each specific text, and which work best for both camera and character.

It will not be an overly technical course, but simply offer guidelines and suggestions for this specific media, which is now increasingly in use within theatrical work. It would also be useful for online auditions, meetings and self-tapes.

Slots will be offered during weekdays, and hopefully a whole group session towards the end, where participants could share their work if they wanted, and exchange discoveries and tips.

The workshop will be suitable for all levels of experience, and will be tailored to each participant’s needs. No experience of acting on film or screen is required.

Includes 90 minutes of one-on-one tuition per participant.

Janice has just recently finished co-directing a film in Copenhagen, ‘The Beech Tree’, with an experienced film maker. This was a cinematic realisation of a play for young people that could not be staged due to Covid 19 regulations.

Times: Tue 27 Jul 14:00-15:30
Tue 27 Jul 16:00-17:30
Wed 28 Jul 14:00-15:30
Wed 28 Jul 16:00-17:30
Thu 29 Jul 14:00-15:30
Thu 29 Jul 16:00-17:30
Fri 30 Jul 14:00-15:30
Fri 30 Jul 16:00-17:30
Total duration: 12.00 hours
Price: €105