Janice Dunn Mastering the Technical Process (Directing process)

For some, the technical process is the most intimidating part of directing, and one that often stops new directors from offering their services.

This course looks at all the technical requirements that a director needs to keep hold of during a production, and how to balance them. We will examine the best structures and methods for doing this. We will play out in detail the varying elements of the technical side of delivering a show; from a one-person play, to a musical.

What should happen when? Who should be doing what? How do the relationships best work? How to best run a tech session or tech week? How to best use an assistant director? All these questions and more will be dealt with during the workshop. This will be a practical exploration of the issues, with exercises and group work around various elements of theatrical technical needs. It will, however, also be fun, supported and un-pressured.

Relevant to anyone who would like to explore, or learn more about, involvement in the creative technical process.

Janice has directed a wide range of productions throughout the UK and Europe at venues including The Royal Court, Cottesloe, National (now Dorfman) Theatre, and annually at the 1300-seater DMH, in Leicester.

Times: Mon 26 Jul 19:00-21:00
Tue 27 Jul 19:00-21:00
Wed 28 Jul 19:00-21:00
Thu 29 Jul 19:00-21:00
Fri 30 Jul 19:00-21:00
Total duration: 10.00 hours
Price: €100